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Denton, Maryland

We specialize in Directional Drilling.  With more than 25 years experience you can count on our team for your next project. Our Horizontal Directional Drill fleet includes  equipment suitable for both large and small projects


Directional Drilling, also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a method of underground installation for many types of utilities, such as electric, telecommunications, gas, water and sewer.  Directional Drilling has become a preferred method as it minimizes environmental impact and reduces restoration costs normally incurred using other methods.

With the ability to install applications at a deeper depth and longer distance,  Directional Drilling can be utilized for a  variety of situations.

  • Under roadways and railroads
  • Heavily congested areas
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Waterways
  • Areas that are already developed
  • Remote locations

We have used Directional Drilling technology since the mid-80's. We will provide you with a highly efficient and cost effective installation for any project.   Our operators are highly skilled and experienced in all phases of the drilling process.  We are fully licensed and insured in Maryland and Delaware.  Contact us for a quote or bid request.

(Horizonal Directional Drilling)
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